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Gift a Divorce

Want to help a friend out family member with a unique gift? Help with paying a retainer for a divorce attorney. Far to many people don't think they can afford an attorney so they go unrepresented in their divorce. Your spouse's attorney is NOT looking out for your...

Divorcing an Alcoholic

One of the most common concerns of divorcing parents is alcohol abuse by one of the parents. This has been an even larger concern post-Covid. Many times both parties have similar concerns (or at least claim concern) for the children while in the care of the other...

Should I Get a Prenup? and Are They Enforceable?

The two most common questions I get about prenuptial agreements (often referred to as prenup) are: Should I get a prenup?   Many people think of a prenuptial agreement but then fail to get it done.  They may be afraid that their spouse will be offended (generally only...

Mediate for a Better Divorce

If you are going through a divorce you know it is a difficult time for your family.  Often mediation is the best way to resolve the differences and move forward in your life.  While judges may order mediation or parties may agree to mediation on their own, there are...