Why Are Legal Fees Expensive?

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Why Are Legal Fees Expensive?


Having practiced law nearly 30 years I am often asked why legal fees are so expensive.  Having a degree in business economics the immediate answer is simple: Supply & Demand.

While it may seem there are more than enough lawyers,  the demand for experienced lawyers is higher than ever. I’ll explain.

Divorce. Clients with over a million dollars of assets or who make over $150,000 per year do not want to hire a young attorney with little to no experience handling such divorces,  divorces with contested custody or divorces with narcissist or substance abuse issues. Spending more money becomes a small investment for permanent resolution.

Criminal and DUI. There is a great gap in potential fees for representation on criminal and DUI cases. Legal fees and retainers may range from $1,000 to tens of thousands of dollars. Experience in handling these important matters, taking cases to trial, and relationships with judges and prosecutors are all essential to a positive resolution.

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