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Expungement and HB327

As criminal defense attorney and expungement guru, I have opportunity to assist many clients in having their records cleaned up. In 2020, HB327 substantially amended the law governing expungement of non-conviction records. The law in KRS 431.076 now reads that for...

DUI Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is historically the busiest day for DUI arrests throughout the United States. In Kentucky there will be additional patrols and DUI checkpoints throughout Northern Kentucky. The best way to avoid a DUI is to avoid driving after drinking to excess. ...

Post Shooting Self Defense Questioning

It is important to know your rights.  Kentucky has both Castle Doctrine and Stand your Ground Laws to protect your rights. If you have been involved, contact an attorney as soon as possible!!  The following is taken from article published by USCCA. Rights After a...

How Are Criminal Defense Fees Set

Fees for criminal defense lawyers are set by the individual attorney handling your case.  In most cases you are paying for experience, knowledge of local judges and prosecutors, and ability to get the best deals for the client. Having over 25 years of experience...