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Finding A Qualified Attorney Is Crucial

Most movies and television shows portray divorce as a contentious battle being fought in the courtroom. While many divorces, unfortunately, play out this way, there are more peaceful alternatives.

One of those alternatives is collaborative divorce, wherein the terms of the divorce are decided at the negotiating table by mutual agreement of both spouses. Compared to traditional litigation, collaborative divorce tends to be less expensive, less time-consuming and less contentious.

Not all lawyers have the necessary credentials to oversee this process. But our firm’s attorney, Michael Bouldin, is trained and certified in collaborative divorce in both Kentucky and Ohio. He is a member and board member of The Academy of Northern Kentucky Collaborative Professionals, Inc.

How Does It Work?

The first step is for the spouses to agree upon and hire a certified collaborative lawyer. He or she will act as a neutral mediator. In almost all cases, each spouse is also represented by his or her own attorney.

Through a series of meetings and negotiations, the parties work out all aspects of their divorce, including property division and any other terms needed to reach a settlement. When all terms are agreed upon, the paperwork will be reviewed and signed.

Is Collaborative Divorce A Good Option For You?

Collaborative divorce is not right for every couple. But because of its many benefits, many couples choose this option. Bouldin Law Firm in Covington, can help you determine if it is the right path for you to take. During the first consultation we will take the time to discuss your concerns and answer questions. Call 859-581-6453 or email us to schedule your consultation.

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