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If you are facing a divorce or dissolution, use an experienced attorney who knows the law and the judges. In many cases, the parties can negotiate a resolution with the help of capable attorneys. Your case may be decided by you and your spouse or by a judge.

Criminal Defense & DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI or other crime, hire an attorney who can work in the system and knows and works well with all of the players. Those include the judges, prosecutors, county and commonwealth attorneys, and possibly the jury system. Know your rights and how to get the best outcome.

Personal Injury & Accidents

If you have been in an automobile accident or other injury, talk to an attorney before you decide how to proceed. First consultation is free to determine if you have a cause of action, if settlement is likely or if the case needs to proceed to litigation. If so, use an attorney experienced in representing individuals in court.

Estate Planning

It is never too early to have at least a simple estate plan. This includes a Will, Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney. As your estate increases in value and complexity, a more thorough estate plan may be necessary, including Power of Attorney and Trust documents. Proper estate planning can help retain significant assets for you and your family as well as greatly simplify the estate and probate process.


Choose wisely. The decision to hire an attorney is important, but which attorney is equally or more important. Use someone that you WANT to represent you!

Discuss with friends, family, colleagues and talk to people that have used the attorney in the past. Address any concerns prior to representation.

Having handled thousands of divorces, thousands of criminal cases, I am uniquely prepared to help you through this difficult time in your life. Let me and my team help you come out better than you are today.

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