Dog Bites in Kentucky

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Dog Bites in Kentucky

by | Nov 27, 2023 | ACCIDENT/INJURY |

Pursuant to KRS 258.235 (4) an owner is strictly responsible for any damages caused by their pets

In addition to the foregoing, KRS 258.235 provides authorization to kill an animal if it is attacking a person as well as fencing and/or euthanizing a vicious animal.

Prior to the enactment of this statute, the owner would have to be aware that their pet qualified as a “vicious animal” before they would be held liable for injuries caused by a pet. Not so, anymore.  Even if a child/person is taunting the animal, if the animal bites and injures that person then the owner of the animal is legally liable for any injuries received.

As such, these become very good cases for personal injury claims.  Often homeowners’ insurance will cover the damage caused by the pet to the injured person.

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