Speeding and DUI charges in Northern Kentucky

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Speeding and DUI charges in Northern Kentucky

by | Jul 5, 2023 | CRIMINAL DEFENSE, DUI |

Have you been Charged with DUI or speeding in Northern Kentucky?

If you are charged with DUI or speeding in Northern Kentucky, an attorney can greatly assist you in getting back on the road and through the legal process.

Many people are charged over the July 4th weekend while passing through Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties. Local, county and state police have heavily patrolled interstate I75 and I71 for the past two weeks. In addition, the speed limit has changed many times on the 71/75 corridor. Areas that are typically 65-70 mph zones are now often 55. With the normal speed of traffic, driving 55 is probably more dangerous than driving 70.

Motorists who typically drive 75 miles per hour may find themselves facing mandatory court appearances for being 20+ miles over the posted speed limit. This may also carry a mandatory suspension hearing with the Department of Transportation if you cannot have the charge amended below 20 over.

If you have been charged with speeding or DUI, find an attorney that regularly handles these types of charges. In Northern Kentucky, contact Michael Bouldin at 581-MIKE, 859-581-6453 to discuss the charges and fees.