When Do I Lose My License With DUI Arrest?

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When Do I Lose My License With DUI Arrest?

by | Jun 26, 2023 | CRIMINAL DEFENSE, DUI |

If you are charged with a DUI/OVI, there is a very good chance you will lose your license at some point.  Your best bet is to hire an experienced attorney who represents dozens of defendants each year and takes many cases to trial. Michael Bouldin has represented hundreds of people charged with DUI over the past 25+ years.

In Ohio, the officer will generally take your license at the time of arrest. If not, the judge/magistrate will suspend your license when you first appear in court.  You are likely eligible to obtain driving privileges in Ohio, which are provided by the trial court. If you had your license suspended, you may request driving privileges at arraignment or at pretrial. Those privileges may be limited by the judge and often carry provisions for no alcohol, limit work times or locations, and may require ignition interlock.  For example, I recently had case where judge allowed regular 8-5 work but not driving to/from a weekend bartending job.

In Kentucky, the officer does not have authority to take your license.  That said, often the judge may make no driving a condition of bond.  If you refused blood or breathalyzer, the court will suspend your driving privileges at your first court appearance. This suspension is retroactive if you are later convicted of DUI.  Once officially suspended, you have the right to request Ignition Interlock privileges and installation of the device through the department of transportation.  Ignition interlock is no longer governed by the courts, but you may need to have the judge remove or modify a condition of bond..

If your license is not pretrial suspended, you may also have your license or privileges suspended if you are convicted of DUI or of refusing a breath/blood test.  The suspension is for 180 days, but that can be shortened to 120 days if you are using an ignition interlock device without incident.

Your attorney should assist you in providing information regarding suspension as well as navigating privileges or ignition interlock.  At my office, Nikki is well versed on how to apply and follow up with requests to DOT.  Kentucky requires a request form as well as registration and proof of insurance.  If you have questions, contact [email protected].  For DUI consultation and representation, contact Bouldin Law Firm here or call 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE).