Expunge – Start New Year With a Clean Record

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Expunge – Start New Year With a Clean Record

by | Dec 6, 2022 | CRIMINAL DEFENSE, DUI |

What would be an awesome holiday gift and perfect way to start the New Year?

Expunge old criminal cases from  your record.  In Kentucky, you may be able to expunge virtually any acquittal or dismissal as well as many misdemeanor and felony convictions. 

For acquittals and dismissals, expungement can be filed 60 days after conclusion of the case. For convictions, the standard waiting period is 5 years after you have completed a sentence. If you were placed on probation or given CD (conditionally discharged) time, this may be 6 or 7 years after the conviction or plea. This may be after either a misdemeanor or class D felony.  Some DUI convictions may also be expungement, albeit after 10 years.

If you were in a misdemeanor or class D diversion, and you successfully completed diversion, you very likely still need to file to have the record vacated and expunged. Unless you do so, the case remains on your record forever. While there will no longer be a conviction, any potential employer, school, snoop, or other inquisitive person will be able to see that you were charged, pled and did a term of probation/diversion for the charge.

Often the cost of expungement is much less than a person may think.  Misdemeanor expungements start at $500 and felonies at $1,000.  Hourly rates may be available for multiple charges, whether convictions or dismissals. Having a clean record can greatly increase your earning ability so look at the expense as an investment in your future.  Our office generally begins with only a few questions and $42.50 background check which will be required to file for expungement.

Once the background check is complete, we jointly determine which charges to file to have expunged. Begin by using this contact link, email [email protected], or call Nikki at 859-581-6453 to begin.