Mediate for a Better Divorce

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Mediate for a Better Divorce

by | Oct 25, 2022 | DIVORCE/DISSOLUTION |

If you are going through a divorce you know it is a difficult time for your family.  Often mediation is the best way to resolve the differences and move forward in your life.  While judges may order mediation or parties may agree to mediation on their own, there are even times when the parties agree to mediate prior to involving separate attorneys in the matter.

I often advise business owners and successful clients that you don’t make money in litigation, attorneys do.  The sooner you get the divorce (or other litigation) over, the sooner you can return to actually making money in YOUR business.  As such, look at the best – fastest and most cost efficient – way to end the litigation and return to life.

While your attorney has an ethical duty to represent your best interest, the parties need to maintain control over their case.  Remember, you are the one that has to live with the result.  You are the one who has to pay the bill. If you have children, you are the one that will have to be involved with the other spouse for the rest of your life.  The attorney is generally done once the primary case is resolved. Fighting over an hour or overnight is not likely to end up being worth the cost of litigation and certainly not the cost of an angry ex.

Parties can mediate at any time in the process. Many times both parties come to me in order to help resolve their divorce and mediate prior to filing.  Others mediate after filing and prior to litigation and others mediate post decree issues such as change of parenting time or resolution of financial issues.

If you are interested in mediation, contact form Michael Bouldin at Bouldin Law Firm by email or call 859-581-6453Bouldin Law Firm represents individuals in divorce through mediation and also offers mediation services to parties both with and without legal counsel.