Boone County DUI Court 1/3/2022

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Boone County DUI Court 1/3/2022

by | Jan 2, 2022 | DUI |

If you were arrested over New Year holiday weekend, you may have court on Monday, January 3, 2022.  Contact an experienced DUI defense lawyer for representation; Michael Bouldin is already scheduled to appear in Boone District Court on 01/03/22. Do NOT simply appear and plead guilty, get time to hire Bouldin Law Firm.

Michael Bouldin has been representing clients accused of DUI and other criminal and traffic charges in Boone County for over 25 years.  Living in Boone County has brought a local perspective as well as intimate knowledge of the system, including prosecutors, judges and potential jurors.  DUI defense is not just simply “pleading guilty.”  More than half of the cases defended by Bouldin Law Firm proceed to a suppression hearing, bench or jury trial.  Those that decide that a plea is in their best interest often see other charges merged or dismissed and are promised favorable sentencing in exchange for a plea.

Each case begins with an arraignment.  This is the first appearance in Court where the options are to plead Not Guilty or Guilty. Only in very rare circumstances should a defendant plead guilty at this first appearance.  It is nearly always advisable to first obtain discovery before deciding how to proceed.  This discovery should include the citation, accident report (if any), officer’s notes and DUI checklist, video tape from the vehicle, officer body camera and/or from the station or DUI breathalyzer room.  It may also include 911 tapes, witness statements and scientific results from breath or blood testing as well as expert witness opinion(s) and certifications.

If you have been charged with DUI, contact an experienced defense attorney.  For representation in Northern Kentucky, call 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE) or email m[email protected].  Michael Bouldin has the experience, knowledge and desire to get each client the best possible resolution to their case. For fast response, fill out this contact form.