Expunge for the New Year!

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Expunge for the New Year!


Contact Bouldin Law Firm or call 859-581-6453 today to discuss whether your case is eligible for expungements.  You can start the process with less than $100.

Expungements are relatively easy and can be very cost effective, especially over the long term.  Having a criminal record can weigh heavily on your job prospects as well as upward mobility.  This can cost an employee thousands of dollars each year, and lifetime of problems.

Additionally, prior convictions can be used to enhance crimes and even prior charges that may have been dismissed are often considered by prosecutors in determining plea deals and judges in determining sentences.  You can also expunge an EPO if no DVO was granted.

Nearly all dismissals and acquittals are eligible for expungement 60 days after court is completed. Misdemeanor and some felony convictions are eligible 5 years after probation, but other conditions may apply. There is no court costs for dismissals and acquittals, so you only pay for your background check $42.50 and legal fees.  Legal fees are as small as $500 for simple misdemeanor cases and $1,000 for felonies.  Attorneys often give group discount for multiple charges, cases and convictions.

We order your background check then call after complete to determine eligibility and for final payment. Contact an experienced lawyer today.  In Northern Kentucky, call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 and talk to Nikki or email [email protected]. OR  Contact form.