Car Flies Off I-471

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Car Flies Off I-471

by | Sep 28, 2021 | ACCIDENT/INJURY |

Car soars off of I-471 ramp Monday morning

Driver of car that soared off of I-471 in the early hours of Monday morning comes away with only minor injuries.

At approximately 2:38AM on Monday, September 27th a car was captured on Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) surveillance video soaring off of the exit ramp of I-471 towards US-50 in Mt. Adams.  It is unknown what caused the car to launch over the railing landing on its top onto Monastery Street but road conditions were wet at the time of the incident.  A few minutes after the initial accident you can see witnesses coming to aid the driver in getting out of the car shortly before it burst into flames.  By the time authorities arrived there were only smoky remains of the car that once was.  Cincinnati Police are still investigating what caused the car to go over the railing but state that is it remarkable the driver only suffered minor injuries.

As Fall approaches and temperatures begin to drop the increase of potential accidents on exit ramps and bridges increases significantly

We have all seen them; “Slippery When Wet” or “Bridges freeze before roadway”.  The signs that are meant to remind us all of the severity that the slightest of weather changes can have on bridges, overpasses and ramps.  Because these driving surfaces are often open to the elements on all four sides they also come with a different set of rules and guidelines to follow when driving on them.  Since they are frequently associated with highway’s and expressways they also carry the additional burden of accelerated speeds. Because of these increased speeds it is much easier to spin out, ‘fish tail’ or over correct locked breaks almost always resulting in an accident.

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