Divorce, DVO and Court Filings During Coronavirus Update

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Divorce, DVO and Court Filings During Coronavirus Update


As an attorney in this field for 25 years, I wanted to update the public and advise that you can still file for divorce and obtain an Emergency Protective Order (EPO) by filing a Domestic Violence (DV) Petition even during the Covid-19 scare with the courts technically closed.

The courts are remaining open for emergency issues. Those include Protective and other Emergency motions in addition to those arrested and sitting in jail. Most other court dates are being continued to later dates. You can file for an EPO by contacting the county attorney or calling the local District Court Clerk in the county you reside.

Currently, the courts are also processing those filings made online. Online filing does include filing Petition for Divorce/Dissolution in Kentucky. Most domestic attorneys have converted to electronic filing over the past 2 years and can file for divorce/dissolution during these times.

These trying times are exacerbated by financial concerns, loss of employment, unpaid bills and close proximity that quarantines mandate. Add into the mix that many staying at home increase alcohol consumption, and now we have the perfect recipe for domestic violence.

Additionally, the judges are also working during this time. They do have the ability to review all emergency motions and to make rulings. Courts have made various rulings, including restricting visitation, prohibiting travel outside of the US, and suspension of of air travel for children during this period.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, know your rights. Speak to an attorney or victim’s advocate, file for protection and/or file for divorce. The Women’s Crisis Center hotline (800-928-3335) and shelters have remained open. For more information or consultation, contact [email protected] or call 859-581-6453 . If we’re not in, we will get your message and return your call.