What is Collaborative Divorce?

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What is Collaborative Divorce?

by | Jun 4, 2019 | DIVORCE/DISSOLUTION |

I’m often asked about Collaborative Divorce since I was initially trained in the process 12 years ago. Collaborative divorce utilizes a goal of “divorce with dignity.” Often people that can no longer be married do not necessarily want to ruin the other spouse.

In those cases, often the parties consider the collaborative process. Parties agree to forgo court action and traditional litigation in favor of proceeding civilly toward a mutually agreeable resolution.

During the process, the parties each have their own attorneys who guide them through. They first meet and sign a collaborative agreement which outlines everyone’s responsibilities and expectations. The next step is to determine each parties’ Goals and Objectives and attempting to align them for a mutually beneficial resolution.

The team then decides if other collaborative professionals are needed: family support specialists, custody coordinators, financial neutrals, or business valuation experts. Once determined, the parties exchange information and work toward mutual resolution.

Often the process involves meeting with attorneys and parties to work toward common goals. Once identified, the parties work toward resolution of those goals – including custody, parenting time, division of assets and debts and financial independence, which may include support.

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