Criminal Defense & DUI

Hire an attorney to help you through this difficult process. Use an attorney you trust: he will plea your case, discuss whether plea deal or trial is best, represent you to the prosecutor, discuss and plea your case to the judge and try to influence a jury.

Divorce and Dissolution

Whether through a simple dissolution, or a complex divorce, use an attorney you trust. Hire someone who is willing to go to court and know how to negotiate. Most cases end in a settlement through negotiation, mediation or collaboration. An experienced attorney knows what is best in any given situation.

Estate Planning

There is never a good time, nor is it ever too early, to do your estate plan. The time is now and you should begin immediately. Discuss your goals with a professional who can work with your financial goals and legal goals.

Personal Injury – Automobile Accidents

There is only so much that an attorney can do to help a person injured in an automobile accident or otherwise. The attorney cannot fix the broken bones or unscramble the brain from a traumatic head injury. The attorney can find all available resources to compensate the injured party for their damages. This may include both past and future lost wages, medical expenses as well as compensation for pain and suffering. The attorney can also explore various insurance coverage to maximize the settlement dollars available.

Attorney Referrals

Much of my practice is devoted to helping other attorneys help their clients. Many general practitioners, family law attorneys and estate planning attorneys have an opportunity to help their clients through criminal troubles. If you are an attorney that does not regularly practice DUI or criminal defense, your best advice is to hire an attorney that does. I work with many attorneys to help them best help their client through these difficult times.

Next Steps…

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