JUUL Litigation Attorney

If you have used JUUL and have been injured by its use, you should contact an attorney while the litigation is still in its early phase.

JUUL lawsuits have already been filed in both Kentucky and Ohio. the lawsuit has been certified as a class action case and has been combined with other cases and is currently pending in California. IT IS NOT TOO LATE!! If you suffered any negative reactions to JUUL vaping, you can become part of the class action.

Class action plaintiffs are looking to hold the manufacturer accountable for their injuries. In the event of a settlement or of litigation resulting in an award for damages, the class plaintiffs will receive monetary compensation. The awards will likely be based on the level of injury, including past, present and future medical complications resulting from vaping.

If you have used JUUL and have been hospitalized, sought medical attention or have lung, heart, breathing or other difficulties, get involved. Contact Michael Bouldin by filling out the Contact form and an attorney will be in touch with you very soon!