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Divorce and Custody in KY

I am often asked about how custody works in divorce.  If you (and the child) are in Kentucky, it does not matter if you are married or not, both parents are presumed to have equal rights to custody and parenting for the child. If you are not married, you may first...

Why Are Legal Fees Expensive?

Having practiced law nearly 30 years I am often asked why legal fees are so expensive.  Having a degree in business economics the immediate answer is simple: Supply & Demand. While it may seem there are more than enough lawyers,  the demand for experienced lawyers...

How Do I Pay For an Attorney?

In the US typically each party is responsible for their own attorney fees.  There are numerous exceptions and it varies greatly depending on the type of case. Criminal cases and DUI Defense. The only time you may not have to pay for an attorney is if you are appointed...

Collaborative Law – What is It & How Can I Benefit?

WHAT IS COLLABORATIVE LAW AND HOW CAN IT BENEFIT YOU? Collaborative Law has four focuses: 1. Client Centered Each spouse’s personal, family, and financial goals and interests are highlighted and carefully considered as the spouses work toward a resolution on all...