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Restricted Stock, Options and Bonuses in Divorce

Discovering assets is the first step in equitable division of marital funds. Employee bonuses, stock options and restricted stock may be marital or a mixed asset, which require evaluation and understanding in order to equitably divide. Experienced family law attorneys understand the unique nature of these assets and can assist in negotiating a division both in accordance with the law as well as seems fundamentally fair to the parties.

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Divorcing a Narcissist

When going through a divorce dealing with personality disorders, and narcissist in particular, can be very difficult. Michael Bouldin has history in dealing with difficult clients as well as ex-spouses and can give practical advice on resolution. There is no magic formula, but understanding the personality traits can often lead to better communication and a successful divorce.

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Expunge Away Old Cases

Michael Bouldin has spent a career defending clients charged with DUI and criminal cases. After dismissal, diversion or even a conviction, many charges are eligible for expungement, both felonies and misdemeanors. Do not delay and wait too long to expunge. Cases continue to show up on your background checks and your criminal record until you take affirmative steps to have them removed, sealed and expunged. Bouldin Law Firm can assist in cleaning up your record.

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