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Simple Easy Divorce

I'm often asked, "How much it cost for a simple, easy divorce?"  Suprisingly, legal fees are often less than most people imagine.  Even the top divorce attorneys in the city will often reduce or do flat fee for uncontested, simple cases.  

Uncontested cases are those in which the parties agree on the terms: child custody, support, and division of assets and debts.  The parties may have already decided who keeps the house, if the house is to sell, a shared parenting schedule, division of child expenses and daycare.

In those cases, an attorney is still necessary to prepare all required documents as Kentucky is not a form driven state.  An experienced attorney will also point out potential pitfalls and make sure that the parties have considered all potential issues.  For example, often parties say they've agreed to an equal parenting schedule.  They may not have considered the various equal schedules (2-2-3 or 2-5-5-2), holidays, vacations, illness and right of first refusal.

An experienced attorney can also give you the piece of mind that you have done due diligence and your agreement will cover you.  For example, a division of retirment can have long and far reaching ramifications if the QDRO is not done correctly.

If you have what you believe to be a simple, easy divorce, contact an attorney.  For consultation in Northern Kentucky, contact attorney. at 859-581-6453 or email [email protected].

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