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Kentucky Criminal Possession Charges

When clients are charged with possession, they are generally referring to drug cases.  Possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of controlled substances (PCS) are the most common charges in Kentucky.  PCS may be a schedule I, II or III charge.  If the charge is PPossession of Controlled Substance, 1st Degree, it is a Felony charge in Kentucky.

Without going into detail, there are also other cirminal possession charges not related to drugs, i.e. Possession of Forged Instrument, Possession of Child PornographyReceiving Stolen Property, Possession of Burglary Tools, or Possession of Handgun by Convicted Felon.  Anyone charged with the aforementioned possession charges should consult with a criminal defense attorney.

Schedule 1 are generally narcotics and other addictive drugs without accepted medical benefits such as heroin and methamphetamine.  PCS 1st degree is a class D felony, with a maximum period of incarceration of 3 years. Schedule 2 substances have a high potential for abuse, but are generally accepted for medical treatment such as Morphine and Oxycodone. PCS 2nd degree is a class A misdemeanor which includes non-narcotic Schedule 1 as well as Schedule 2 substances.  Schedule 3 drugs have some potential for abuse but also are generally used for medical treatment.  These include Buprenorphine and Phenobarbital.

If you have been charged with posssession in Kentucky, you are well adised to hire an attorney to protect your rights and help you through the process. For consultation, contact Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email [email protected]

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