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Who Are Kenton Family Court Candidates? (updated)

There are two Family Court divisions of the Kenton County Circuit Court. There is no election until 2022 for Division 2 which is held by Christopher Mehling.

There is both a primary and general election slated for Division 5.  The current Judge is Dawn Gentry, who was appointed in December, 2017 by Governor Bevin.  Judge Gentry has since been serving the community as the family judge and presiding over divorce, custody and juvenile cases since that time.  There are currently 2 nominations for this position: Dawn Gentry and Terri King Schoberg.

Positions for judge are considered non-partisan.  As such, the primary does not differentiate between party affiliation. The primary election essentially cuts the number of candidates down to two (2).  There were 3 candidates who will ran in the May 22, 2018 primary, and now there are two (2) who will run in the general election.  The following information has been lifted from their websites:

1. Dawn Gentry. resides in Edgewood, KY.

As the mother of two daughters, the child of single mother, and the sitting Kenton Family Court Judge, Dawn Gentry has the background, compassion, and judicial experience that is needed to serve the citizens of Kenton County. Both as a judge and a lawyer, Judge Gentry has spent her entire legal career seeking justice for Kenton County children and families.

Judge Gentry's experience and personal story make her uniquely qualified to continue her dedicated service as Kenton Family Court Judge. From her own early experience as a young child experiencing the Kenton County family-court system with her mother to more than a decade of practicing family law, Judge Gentry has firsthand knowledge of how important Family Court is to our children and families.

Judge Gentry is the only candidate running in this election who has judicial experience. Since taking office, Judge Gentry has implemented a number of changes in her courtroom that have saved and continue to save taxpayers and litigants both time and money.

2. Terri King Schoberg. resides in Covington, KY.

"By having handled thousands of court cases through 32 years of practice, I have worked in every aspect of family court and advocated on behalf of diverse individuals and causes. I have advocated for people of different races and backgrounds and individuals with physical and mental illness.

Although I have an extensive knowledge of family law, it is my ability to empathize with people that qualifies me the most for the role of family court judge. I understand the vital role of the attorneys, prosecutors, social workers, CASA volunteers, litigants, and other community partners in bringing forth the evidence needed for the administration of justice. As a judge, I would respect all persons and listen to the arguments on all sides in order to discern and balance competing interests to make the best decisions."

3. Pete Roush was defeated in the primary election.

This site does not endorse any particular candidate.  Best wishes for successful campaign to all candidates.

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