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National Divorce Day 2018!

Did you know that January 8th was National Divorce Day for 2018.  National Divorce day is the day that more calls are initiated with divorce attorneys than any other day of the year. It is traditionally the first Monday of the New Year, and not on a holiday.

Since the first Monday of 2018 was New Year's Day, that made January 8, 2018 the day for calling for legal advice, consultation and representation.

People/clients often ask why calls in January. The answer from an attorney who has been practicing family and divorce law for over 24 years is there are many answers, but the prevailing thoughts are:

* Bad Holidays.  This falls into 3 parts:

1) you didn't like spending holidays with the family and realize that there is a large rift in the relationship;

2) you didn't see your children at all or enough over the holidays; or

3) the financial picture became bleaker with the additional demands during the season.

* Long Winter Season.  This is often the case. It is easier to get along if you can get outside and do activities that you enjoy.  If you're golfing or boating, it is easier to get away from stress and conflict than if you are in the same space.

* New Year's Resolution.  The New Year is always a time to reflect.  Many determine that they are in a bad relationship or unhealth marriage.  The resolution may be to start the process and best way to jump in and learn your legal standing.

If you have questions, you are not alone. It is adviseable to consult with an attonrey before speaking without knowledge. If you need representation and consultation, contact Michael Bouldin at Bouldin Law Firm by calling 859-581-6453 or email [email protected].  Only you can make the call to begin the process.

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