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What is Cost of Divorce in Kentucky?

Having practiced divorce law in Kentukcy and Ohio for 23 years, there is seldom a simple answer to the cost of a divorce.  There is no legal distinction between divorce and dissolution in Kentucky.

The cost is most highly associated with number of hours that an attorney needs to spend to bring your case to a conclusion.  The more complex a case, the more hours necessary. 

Of course, some clients also need more attention than others.  This may be due to lack of general knowledge, anxiety or overall involement in the case.  That said, there are certain issues which require additional time.  A list of those items that require additional time include:

1. Contested custody or parenting time.  This may be due to actual or perceived problems with one or more parents.

2. Abuse.  Mental or physical often results in additional EPO/DVO hearings, protective orders and additional considerations for division of property and exchange of children.

3. Complex finances. If the parties have both marital and premarital assets, the division can be more complex.

4. Family/small businesses or self employed.  This may be to ascertain the value of a marital asset or to establish the earning ability for the self-employed person.

IF there is a simple answer, I often say that an uncontested dissolution, where there are no children and the parties agree on division of assets and debts may be done for around $2,000.  This generally does not include filing fees and does not include QDRO to divide retiremetn accounts or deeds or other documents necessary to divide some assets.

The hourly rate of most N.Ky. attorneys varies from $150-300/hour and is generally based on experience and competency. If you have questions about your divorce or to get an estimate and consultation, contact Michael Bouldin at 581-581-6453 or email [email protected].

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