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Not Guilty - Trial On Principle

I am often asked why a criminal case goes to trial.  Principle is seldom one of those reasons since there is often a fee associated with trials. Today was one such day and the charges were rightfully dismissed against my client.

In the now infamous case of City of Cincinnati v. Hunsucker, my client was charged with the heinous crime of "Unattended Motor Vehicles" under ORC 4511.661. In this case the rightcheous Cincinnati Officer Dennis Zuckler alleged that Mr. Hunsucker, "Permit a vehicel to stand upon a grade withotu turing wheels to curb."  By the way, the vehicle did not roll.  I'm not sure if this was the biggest waste of taxpayer money (officer, court personnel, judges, prosecutors and clerks) but it certainly ranks.

It would appear that either Officer Zucker has a personal vendetta or Cincinnati has finally run out of actual crimes.  Officer Zucker did not even see fit to stay around for the call of the case.  Fortunately, the Hon. Cheryl Grant dismissed the case.  

Most trials proceed to trial based on one of the following: (1) the defendant is truly not guilty; (2) the charges are so great that there is no benefit in a plea; or (3) the likelihood of beating the proposed plea is greater than the plea offer.

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