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No DUI - Uber Everywhere

If you want to avoid a DUI, Uber Everwhere is the new slogan used amongst the younger generation.  While this is a great idea if you are out drinking on this Thanksgiving weekend, people often forget that idea and choose to drive after drinking.

I am often asked, "Has UBER had an impact on the number of DUI cases you handle?"  The short answer is, NO.  Perhaps I'm in the minority as an attorney practicing DUI defense for over 23 years and having a very good track record of defendding DUI charges.  That said, my caseload and number of DUI defenses actually has increased over the past few years.

Good DUI defense attorneys will walk you through every step of the case.  They will file and review all discovery. They will often speak with the arresting officer and get his version of the events. They will look to see if there was probable cause for the stop and arrest of the defendant.  They will discuss options relating to a pretrial suspension if you refused the breathalyzer or blood test.  They will hold suppression hearings, if appropriate and take your case to a trial if you choose to challenge the charges. 

The attorney will also discuss whether to ask for a bench/judge trial or whether to request a jury.  A defendant has a right to seek a jury trial if he/she so chooses.  A good attorney will also advise you of all of these options and the likelihood of success.

if you have been charged with DUI, contact Michael Bouldin by clicking the contact form or by calling 859-581-6453 or email [email protected].  Do not handle the case alone. 

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