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How to Beat a DUI

If you want to beat a Icharge, start with the basics - Hire an experienced DUI defense attorney that has a history of trying cases and winning.  I have been defending DUI cases for over 23 years.  In the past 2 weeks alone I have had three DUI cases set for trial.  All three of those were dismissed as to the DUI charges; whether by an informed prosecutor or following a trial.

How can an experienced DUI attorney help?  First, they will request and examine all evidence in the case. If there is a blood or breath test, they will evaluate the validity of those tests.  They will look at the numbers to see if there are arguments of how close to the legal limit, was on the way up or down, how long from time of consumption to driving to testing. 

Were you given all rights?  Was the defendant given the opportunity to call an attorney? If breath test, were you observed for 20 minutes prior to the testing?  Were you given the opportunity to get a second test of your choosing? If these procedures are not followed, the results of the test may be inadmissible.

Order, get and view any and all videos from the driving, field sobriety tests, drive to the station, booking and in the breath test room or hospital. Often the officer's notes do not correlate with the actual video and nothing beats a video to a jury.

Question the officer.  If available, conduct a pretrial interview with the officer.  If the officer had doubt, get that on record so that you can use that later, if needed.  Ask how the defendant preformed on the field tests. What other clues indicated intoxication or impairment?  Was the driver weaving, driving recklessly, sleeping or any other evidence?  Was the driver unsteady on his feet, slurring words, beligerent or was there an odor of alcohol?  Many times the officer will state things that prove untrue on the video.

See what other charges are included.  If there is a refusal of the breath or blood test, that may be helpful or detrimental.  An attorney can advise how that will affect your driving privileges in the state, regardless of whether you are a Kentucky licensed driver or from another state. 

A good lawyer will attempt to negotiate. If that fails, then they will discuss chances of success and best/worst case scenerios at trial.

If you have been charged with DUI, contact Michael Bouldin for representation in Kentucky.  For consultation, call 859-581-64563 (581-MIKE) or email [email protected].

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