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Get Even in Divorce

Question: Can I get even in divorce? Answer: Hmmmm. This depends greatly upon your definition of getting even. If your definition of getting even means: Getting half of all marital assets. Getting joint legal custody and at least half of the time with your children. Getting return of premarital and non-marital items. If this is getting even, then you should be able to get even through the process of divorce or dissolution. Gone are the days of women "taking their husband to the cleaners" through the divorce process. If your spouse cheated on you, gave you VD and blew all of your money at the casino and getting even is a swift kick to the groin, taking all of his money and getting full custody, you may be in for disappointment. WHY???? First, Kentucky is a no fault divorce state. This means that the reason for the divorce has no impact on division of assets, custody of children, child support or assignment of debt. There are a few exceptions: for example, if your husband didn't have a gambling problem before the divorce but ran up $10,000 of debt in the month preceding the divorce due to gambling, he may be assigned the greater portion or all of that debt. Also, many people believe that they should be entitled to custody of the children if their spouse is caught cheating, or being unfaithful in the marriage. Unless it can be shown as a significant and direct impact on the children (he took the kids to meet his Backpage date), it is likely inadmissible as evidence in the case. If you are in a bad marriage, get out. For consultation and representation, contact Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email [email protected]

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