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November 2016 Archives

What is Maintenance?

SIMPLY, maintenance is the Kentucky term for alimony; also known as spousal support. KRS 403.200 defines Maintenance and sets forth the grounds upon which it may be granted as well as the relevant factors the court should review when determining amount and length of support. 403.200 Maintenance -- Court may grant order for either spouse.

Custody for the Holidays! Best Gift Ever!!

Give the best gift ever this holiday season! Legal Services for a loved one. What's the best gift you could give a loved one or adult child?  How about custody of their children, the divorce they've been waiting for, or visitation with grandparents?  Precious time with children and getting rid of the stress of a failed marriage is essential to moving on.  What could be better than helping your loved one through this difficult and already stressful time than to contribute financially. Many people have trouble paying legal fees associated with divorce and custody. This is especially true with contested cases or people on a fixed budget. You can help! Hire an attorney to guide them and file for divorce. Often parents will call for their adult children to schedule a consultation with an attorney.  most attorneys readily invite loved ones to join in the meeting to make sure that it is a correct fit, to fill in blanks and to remember advice.  Often the person paying only wants what is best for their child and grandchildren. If they already have an attorney, contribute to their fees. A phone call from a relative with even a small payment reminds the attorney of their specific case and that there are others who care about the outcome.  In the majority of cases each party is responsible for their own legal fees.  You cannot hire an attorney without a retainer and cannot keep an attorney without paying for services. In northern Kentucky call or email Michael Bouldin. Call 581-MIKE and schedule an appointment for yourself or a loved one.  For immediate response, email Mike at [email protected].

Give Legal Services - Best Gift Ever!

What's the best gift you could give a loved one or adult child?  How about defense off their pending DUI, assault or other criminal case? Many people have trouble paying legal fees associated with DUI our expungement. This is especially true with contested cases or people on a fixed budget. You can help! Hire an attorney to guide them and file for the process. If they have an attorney, contribute to their fees. A phone call from a relative with even a small payment reminds the attorney of three case and that there see others who care about the outcome.


Thanksgiving weekend is the biggest DUI day of the year nationwide and Northern Kentucky is no exception. College kids come home, meet their high school friends and share their newfound love of cheap beer. Family gets together and chugs wine to limit annoyance with one another. Elderly teetotalers have their annual cocktails and revel with friends. It may be the time to begin using Uber or Lyft. If you have made a mistake and been cited for DUI, hire an experienced DUI and criminal defense attorney. Don't go it alone! Don't make the mistake by making decisions which will affect your life, liberty and livelihood  without professional advice. [huge_it_maps id="1"] Call Mike Bouldin. Get advice from a professional with 22 years of experience.  Email at [email protected] Call 859-581-6453. (581-MIKE)  Email today for immediate reply!!

National Adoption Day

This week celebrated National Adoption Day.  If you have been considering adoption in Kentucky you will need an attorney to guide you through the process and can call for more information. Whether a relative, step-parent, CHFS, private, familial, or international adoption, you will need an attorney in the state where you reside.  There may be other attorneys needed to represent various persons involved in the adoption.

Help, I Don't Want To Plead Guilty!

As a trial attorney for over 20 years I receive at least a few calls each year from defendants who have been charged and their attorney is recommending that they plead guilty.  Often these defendants even say, "My attorney wants me to plead guilty" or "My attorney is making me plead guilty."  The worst is, "My attorney made me plea." First, no attorney can MAKE a defendant plead guilty to anything.  The job of the attorney is to take any potential negotiated deal to the client and the client makes the choice of whether to accept or reject the plea offer.  When you stand in front of the judge and he asks your plea, in nearly every case the defendant is required to answer. At that one juncture, your attorney can seldom speak on your behalf. If you are unhappy with the advice of your attorney, you are free to change attorneys.  You have the right to an attorney and to hire an attorney of your choosing.  If you cannot afford an attorney, the state is required to appoint you an attorney, referred to as a public advocate or public defender.  If you request a public defender, you do not get to pick that attorney.  However, you can fire that attorney and hire an attorney of your own.  If your hired or appointed counsel is pushing a plea or does not want to take the case to trial, ask him/her why.   Different attorneys charge varying rates for criminal defense, and DUI/OVI is no different.  Most criminal defense attorneys charge an initial retainer and may have additional fee if the case proceeds to trial.  If your case is already set for trial, the new attorney may ask for a continuance.  The granting of the continuance is in the discretion of the court.  Many attorneys will not jump into a case without a more substantial retainer if the case is already set for trial.  An experienced and local attorney will know which judge(s) may allow for a continuance and which will mandate that the case proceeds to trial on the selected date. If you do not want to plead guilty, DON'T.  You have the right to a trial and the right to have a jury hear the evidence.  If your case is defensible, pick an attorney that can present that defense and has a history of trying cases to a jury.  For a consultation in Northern Kentucky, call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected].  Call Mike at 581-MIKE.

Is There An Easy Way To Divorce Fast?

Divorce is generally a process.  This process can be streamlined in a number of ways.  If both parties agree to divorce, and the terms of the divorce, it can be done in very little time.  Of course, time is relative and I've actually had a client that couldn't believe that his divorce took 2 weeks from start to finish. Kentucky does require a 60 day separation.  If there are no children, this 60 days begins when the parties separate. This may be a physical separation where they live in different places, or can be a technical separation once the parties stop having marital relations.  If the parties have separated and they are agreeable to terms, an attorney can help and likely have the parties divorced in a matter of weeks and sometimes even days. If there are children, the 60 day period begins after both parties have entered an appearance or after they are both served.  Even if all is agreeable, the parties cannot finalize the divorce until the 60 day period has elapsed. Many people and even clients are confused by this 60 day wait.  It does NOT mean that divorces take 60 days.  This is the minimum time if all is agreeable.  Generally it takes more than 60 days to even get a short or temporary hearing for the court to begin the process in Campbell, Kenton and Boone Counties.  The 60 day period applies to the minimum time to finalize if all is agreeable. If you want to get a divorce, consult with an attorney.  If you want speed, tell your attorney what you want and have a discussion on how to achieve that goal.  Often a quick and simple divorce where the parties agree on terms can be accomplished for a fixed or set fee.  To discuss divorce or dissolution in Northern Kentucky, call the Bouldin Law Firm and speak to Mike or Emily.  Call at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected].

What's Going On With Airport Cash Seizure?

Many people have had cashed seized by TSA, DEA or other 3 letter federal agency at the airport.  This is more and more often when people are traveling with cash within the US or even with less than $10,000 in or outside of the United States.  IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO TRAVEL WITH CASH.  If you are traveling out of the countyr, you may have to declare your cash, but that does not stop them from executing a seizure either. OUR U.S. Government has taken it upon themselves to seize your hard earned assets regardless.  The Greater Cincinnati Airport (CVG) is notorious for taking money from travelers or reporting it to the next stop where travelers may be stopped and money seized. (i.e. LAX, ORD, DFW, etc) It then is up to you to prove that the cash was earned and it is yours.  This can often be done with bank records, sales receipts or other documents.  I have traditionally charged a retainer of $3,000 plus 25% of the money recovered.  Recently, I have added an associate to my firm and have the ability to handle these types of case with varying legal fees. Fees may be as little as $500 down, but may involve a larger contingency or may include higher retainer with less contingency. If your cash was seized, you will receive a letter from the United States Department of Justice, generally 30 days or so after the seizure.  It outlines your rights. If you have had money or cash seized at the airport, you are entitled to representation to attempt to recover that money.  Hire an experienced attorney to handle your case.  Call the Bouldin Law Firm and speak to Mike or Kris Nevels at 859-581-6453 or email [email protected].

Coverage In Northern Kentucky

If you are an attorney outside of Northern Kentucky and need coverage, contact the Bouldin Law Firm to handle your appearance(s).  We cover all courts in Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties and can occasionally be available elsewhere. If you are an attorney in Lexington, Louisville, Bowling Green or elsewhere and cannot be in two places at once, call us.  Both Michael Bouldin and Kristopher Nevels are in court nearly every day. Most district courts will allow coverage for arraignment or pretrial without change of or adding additional counsel of record. We will provide this service at reasonable rates. While our hourly rate is $250/hour, we can often provide coverage in less than one hour's time.  Of course, we are also available to co-counsel cases after discussion with an attorney. We've been representing criminal defendants for felony, misdemeanor, DUI and traffic cases for over 20 years and can handle your case.  Having a small practice is difficult and often attorneys need to be in multiple locations. If you are a lawyer and need help with a case in Northern Kentucky, call the law office of Michael Bouldin and talk to Emily, Kris or Mike.  Call 859-581-6453.  You may also email at [email protected].  *NOTE: Nothing herein is intended to procure coverage without verification.  Do not send an email and assume that your case will be covered.  Call if any questions or concerns.

Criminal Charge or Arrest at CVG

I have represented defendants in Boone County, Kentucky for over 21 years.  If you were charged with a crime or arrested at CVG International Airport your case will be in Boone County, Kentucky.  CVG is the airport code for Covington, but is Greater Cincinnati International Airport.  If you land at the Cincinnati airport, you are actually in Northern Kentucky and although Covington is in Kenton County, the airport is in Boone. Having represented numerous clients traveling to and through Cincinnati, I have developed a number of ways to communicate and handle client affairs for those who do not live in the immediate area. I will communicate with clients via telephone, email and text messages.  This may be particularly important for those that live outside of the state, or even outside of the United States. Many cases, particularly misdemeanor offenses, can be handled without the necessity of actually appearing in court in Boone County.  This may include diversion or entry of a written plea in abstentia.  Often people have questions which are very easy to answer and simple hurdles to overcome. Q: What about fines and court costs? If you are required to pay fines, you may mail them. Q: How do I pay my lawyer? If you need to pay legal fees, use a credit or debit card. Q: Do I have to come to Kentucky for community service?  If you are required to perform community service, you may generally do so where you live with any non-profit agency. Most hurdles can be overcome.  Having practiced criminal defense in the area for over 20 years, I am very familiar with the Northern Kentucky courts, personnel, the judges and prosecutors.  I know how most cases are generally handled in advance of any hearing. If you have charges in Northern Kentucky and are in need of representation, contact Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected].

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