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How Does Mediation Work in Divorce?

The large majority of divorce cases employ mediation as a dispute resolution method prior to a hearing or trial in Court.  As such, it is important to know some basics of mediation.

How Does Mediation Work?
Mediation can take place over a series of sessions. But, more often than not, it is scheduled for a continuous amount of time to keep the negotiations going. Sessions are generally held in the privacy of the mediator's office or an attorney's office, and begin with all involved signing an agreement that the negotiations will be kept confidential. At the end of a successful mediation, the mediator will prepare a Memorandum or writing expressing the agreements of the parties, at least on the issues which were resolved. Any formal agreement will be drafted by your or your spouse's lawyer.
What to Expect from Mediator?
The mediator's role is to move the parties beyond personality clashes and historic grievances. Only then, can the mediator help you improve communication so any future dealings can take place without repeating the difficulties of the past. Mediation is a useful tool because it adds a new dimension to the negotiations. Because the mediator's purpose is to help guide you to find solutions that you can both agree to, he/she does not have the power to decide your case, or in any other way, act as a judge nor does he/she have a fixed result in mind to urge you toward.

Good attorneys work toward a resolution which is acceptable to both parties.  Court seldom gives the parties everything they want and often puts both participants in a worse position.  As such, mediation can be a great tool to help the parties come to agreements during this difficult time. For consultation and/or representation in your divorce or dissolution, contact Michael Bouldin in Northern Kentucky. Trained in collaborative law, Michael Bouldin has represented thousands of clients in divorce cases and has mediated hundreds of those cases.  For consultation, call Bouldin Law Firm at 581-MIKE, 859-581-6456.

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