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Can I Have Legal Marijuana in Kentucky?

Kentucky law still considers marijuana to be illegal.  It is not available for prescription in Kentucky, therefore it is considered to have no health care benefit and is still illegal. The case has not been taken up on appeal when an individual has a valid prescription for marijuana from another state and is in possession of marijuana pursuant to said prescription. It is important to note that Kentucky law does not provide an exception for possession by having a prescription.  Therefore, this is a question without a definitive answer at this point.  The safest and only sure bet, is to not possess marijuana in Kentucky.  If you have a prescription and believe that it is necessary to possess it in Kentucky, you should keep a copy of your prescription and keep the medication (marijuana) in it's proper container. Note: It is also illegal to possess any prescription or controlled substance in anything other than it's original container. It is more definitive that you are not allowed to purchase marijuana in another state and bring it to Kentucky.  For example, Colorado has a law which allows small amounts of marijuana without a prescription. If you purchase marijuana in Colorado, you are still not allowed to transport it to or possess it in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  IT IS ILLEGAL TO POSSESS MARIJUANA in KENTUCKY, regardless of where purchased. If you have been charged with any crime in Kentucky you should employ the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney.  For consultation in Northern Kentucky, call Bouldin Law Firm and discuss with Michael Bouldin.  You may schedule an appointment by calling Emily, Michael's paralegal.  Call 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE) or email at [email protected].

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