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Speeding Citation in Kentucky

If you received a speeding citation or other traffic ticket traveling in or through Kentucky, you may be able to handle the case with an attorney and avoid appearance in court. Even if your citation requires court appearance, an attorney can generally appear on behalf of the defendant and waive his or her appearance.

If you intend to enter a guilty plea, most district courts in Kentucky require it to be written if the defendant is not in attendance. This protects the court, attorneys as well as the defendant so that the rights are secured and clearly explained.  There are times when you can pay the citation without an appearance - your citation will advise of those rights - however, payment is an admission of guilt which can often affect points, license and insurance.  Some result in license suspension in your home state. There are times when a charged may be amended (for example, speeding 18 miles over the limit may be amended to 15 over on a limited access highway.  This is a 3 point violation instead of 6 for speeding over 15.  Others may be amended to 10 over on L/A highway, a zero (0) point violation and is generally not reported to the driver's home state).  An attorney not only might be able to prevent physical appearance in court, but may save you points on your license and additional insurance premiums. An overview of the Kentucky point system is available by following this LINK. If you have been charged with any license or traffic violation in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, contact a local attorney.  For consultation, email [email protected] or call Bouldin Law Firm at 859-581-6453 (859-581-MIKE).

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