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Expunge Felony In Kentucky NOW!

House Bill 40 has now been signed into law which allows expungement of certain felony convictions in Kentucky by amending KRS 431. The law appears to be in effect immediately, however there have not yet been issued AOC forms to comply with the new law. Some attorneys have created their own forms which should be in compliance with the new law. The law requires a waiting period of 5 years after completion of any sentence or probation. Amend KRS 431.076 to expand the scope of an expungement motion under that statute to include felonies referred to a grand jury where no indictment ensues; amend KRS 431.078 to expand that statute's expungement process to include Class D felonies; amend KRS 527.040 to expressly provide that an expunged felony does not trigger the application of that statute; create a new section of KRS Chapter 413 to prohibit the introduction of information pertaining to an expunged conviction as evidence in a civil suit or administrative proceeding alleging negligent hiring or licensing. Only certain cases are eligible for expungement.  If you have questions whether your case is eligible, you can compare with the relevant KRS statutes which ARE eligible to expunge: 17.175, 186.990, 194A.505, 194B.505, 217.181, 217.207, 217.208, 218A.140, 218A.1415, 218A.1416, 218A.1417, 218A.1418, 218A.1423, 218A.1439, 218A.282, 218A.284, 218A.286, 218A.320, 218A.322, 218A.324, 244.165, 286.11-057, 304.47-025, 324.990, 365.241, 434.155, 434.675, 434.850, 434.872, 511.040, 512.020, 514.030, 514.040, 514.050, 514.060, 514.065, 514.070, 514.080, 514.090, 514.100, 514.110, 514.120, 514.140, 514.150, 514.160, 516.030, 516.060, 516.090, 516.108, 517.120, 518.040, 522.040, 524.100, 525.113, 526.020, 526.030, 528.020, 528.040, 528.050, 530.010, or 530.050. For help with filing, contact attorney Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-MIKE (859-581-6453).  Speak to Emily to schedule a consultation.

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