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Robbery, Burglary, and Theft in Kentucky

In Kentucky, the charges of Robbery, Burglary and Theft are often closely intertwined.  The KRS statutes are all within the criminal charges section, defined as the Kentucky Penal Code, and they are related insofar as the essential elements overlap and seem very similar at first glance.  While they do overlap, they are separate and distinct charges. Theft is the unlawful taking of the property of another.  Theft and related offenses are located in KRS 514 and following. Robbery is defined as using force or threatened use of force to commit a theft and is codified in KRS 515.010, 020 and 030. Burglary is breaking and entering, or illegally being on property of another, with the intent of committing a crime. Burglary is codified in KRS 511 et al.  Often this is confusing because the crime is presumed and often is that of theft.  However, a defendant can be charged and convicted of breaking and entering to commit any crime.  Other crimes may be attempted rape, assault, or arson. All of these charges are serious charges and, unless the theft is under $500, are generally felony charges.  If you have been charged with Robbery, theft or burglary, you need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.  For representation in Campbell, Kenton, Boone or Grant county, call Michael Bouldin at the Bouldin Law Firm.  Call Mike at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected]. [huge_it_maps id="1"]

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