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What To Do If Served Divorce Papers

If you are served divorce papers: First, take a deep breath.  Even though the divorce papers will require a response be filed within 20-30 days, there is no need to rush.  The court may schedule a hearing date.  In Ohio, it is a scheduling conference.  In Kentucky, it may be for a request for Temporary Orders. There is no need to assume that the filing should be considered as firing the first shot,  Often persons beginning the process file for a number of reasons.  Those include:

  • Protection of assets
  • Fear of unknown/uncertainty
  • To obtain temporary orders (often referred to as Status Quo Orders)
  • To simply begin the process

What Steps to take:

  1. Review the paperwork and carefully read. If there are any Orders, be sure to comply.
  2. Contact an attorney to discuss representation.  Take your time and make sure that you are hiring someone with whom you are comfortable and that will represent your interests.
  3. Prepare a list of questions to ask of your prospective attorney.
  4. Obtain information that the attorney will need, including:
    1. Tax returns from most recent year;
    2. Current paystub with YTD total;
    3. Overview of income and monthly expenses;
    4. Information regarding children and custody.
  5. Meet and retain a competent attorney who regularly practices in the county.

What not to do:

  1. Sign papers without review by counsel;
  2. Think you and your spouse can use the same attorney;
  3. Run to another state with your children;
  4. Quit your job;
  5. Publish your dirty laundry on social media.

If you have received legal papers for divorce/dissolution or are considering divorce, schedule to meet with an attorney.  For consultation in Northern Kentucky call Michael Bouldin at 581-MIKE.  Contact information is [email protected] or 859-581-6453.

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