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Thanksgiving Weekend DUI

Thanksgiving weekend is the number one (#1) weekend for DUI arrests in the United States.  Many of these come from college students returning home for the first time since going away.  The freedom and use of alcohol is combined with driving to visit old friends. Most of these occur on the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving and the Friday following, as they are two of the biggest bar/drinking nights of the year.  Others may come from having too much wine and turkey while trying to liven up conversation with extended family.  Whatever the reason, this late weekend in November provides for many DUI and OVI arrests. As always, best advise is to avoid driving a motor vehicle if you have been drinking alcohol.  If you are stopped for suspected DUI, make sure that a video is working prior to preforming field sobriety tests.  The officer's recollection of the acts is much less reliable than a video camera with audio.  If a breathalyzer is offered, it is your decision whether or not to comply.  Refusal can be used against you and can cause license suspension.  That said, new laws allow for ignition interlock so that you can continue to drive even if you refuse the breathalyzer. If you are arrested, contact an attorney for legal representation.  I recommend an experienced criminal defense attorney who regularly practices in the county of arrest.  The attorney will know the lay of the land, who to discuss and the general tendencies of the prosecutors and judges in that county. For representation in Hamilton County, OH, or Campbell, Kenton or Boone counties in Kentucky, call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected].  During weekend and after hours, email is the best way to reach counsel.

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