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What is a High Conflict Divorce?

Typically lawyers refer to high conflict divorces as those where the parties are unable to agree on a number of essential issues.  Those issues often include: child custody, child support, division of assets, marital and non-marital assets, division of debts, marital and non-marital debts, and spousal support. There are many areas that may lead to disagreement of these issues. Notably, whether one party feels like they have been wronged  or taken advantage of often factors into decision making.  While it is easy for an attorney to be dispassionate about a case and simply look at the assets for what they are, there are many feelings that often get in the way of rational decision making.  This is one primary reason why it is not advisable to go through a divorce without an attorney. True high conflict divorces also may involve deception through the divorce process, poor decision making and generally acting in a way with the primary intent of annoying or hurting the spouse.  Deception may take the form of hiding assets, under-reporting income, concealment of new paramours, or simply not telling the truth.  Often the deception is of little things that make the other spouse distrustful of everything. Holding the children hostage, using them as pawns or fighting over hours may seem like doing the best at the time, but hurting children is seldom a way to get revenge on your spouse.  The sooner a person can move away from anger and toward acceptance the better they and the children will become. Listen to the advice of your attorney but don't be afraid to discuss disagreements.  The attorney should have a great deal of experience, but it is ultimately your divorce and your life.  You must live with the final decision. For a consultation in Northern Kentucky, call the Bouldin Law Firm at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected]  Call Mike at 581-MIKE.

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