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What is A Cheap Divorce?

Having practiced domestic law for over 20 years, I am often asked How much does it cost for a cheap divorce?  I may answer it with, "As low as $1500." but that answer does a disservice to the client, the case, and my profession as an attorney.  Many clients do not want to hear the real answer, IT DEPENDS.   It depends on a number of factors, many of which can help an attorney evaluate the work necessary to be effective as well as anticipate what must be done to protect the rights of the client.

  1. Do the parties agree on terms?  This is the biggest question, as conflict, litigation will lead to much higher legal fees.   Do parties agree on ALL terms? Do they want to participate in collaborative law? Do they want a Judge to make decisions?
  2. Do the parties agree on custody of the children?  Do parties need parenting coordinator or custodial evaluation?
  3. Do the parties agree on time each party will spend with the children? Might custody evaluation or GAL be necessary to help determine?
  4. Do the parties agree on child support?  alternatively, do they agree to follow the Kentucky guidelines and then do they agree on the earnings and income of both parties?
  5. Do the parties agree on spousal support amount or that no spousal support will be paid? Amount and duration?
  6. Do the parties agree on division of debts? Equal or can they pay off with sale of some assets?
  7. Do the parties agree on division of assets? Equal or offsetting assets or dividing all.
  8. Do the parties agree on retention and what may be non-marital assets (gifts, bequests or assets owned prior to marriage)?
  9. Do the parties own real estate?  Division of real estate is the next issue:  Do they agree to sell property?  Do they agree on how to divide proceeds?  Will one party keep the home?  Timeframe for refinance? Will other party pay any bills during pendency of sale? Will both have access to property?
  10. Do parties have retirement plans?  Do parties agree to how to divide?  Will QDRO be necessary to divide?
  11. How many attorneys will you involve?  One? each to have own? GAL for children? mediator? arbitrator? 

A consultation may assist the attorney to evaluation an approximate spending.  Remember that it takes both parties to have an agreement.  Do not fool yourself by believing that just because YOU are being reasonable that your soon to be ex-spouse will see things the same way.  Also remember that often the spouse will be taking advice from a different attorney, their family, their friends or a new paramour. For consultation in Northern Kentucky, contact Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453. (581-MIKE).

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