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How Are Bail Bonds Set in Ky?

Bail bonds are intended to assure your continued appearance in court.  Bond may be higher or lower if the judge perceives that the defendant is (1) a flight risk; or (2) a danger to the community. If the judge makes such a determination, then they can have a no bond decision or the defendant may not be eligible for the $100/day credit toward bond.  Generally, the higher the level of crime then the higher the bond.  The defendant's criminal history and history of making court appearances are also factors in setting bond. There are no bail bondsmen in the state of Kentucky.  Kentucky generally has either straight cash bonds or an unsecured bond.  The person signing the unsecured bond is indebted to the state for the full amount if the defendant does not appear for court.  An unsecured bond generally only requires a signature of a resident of Kentucky. You can ask for bond to be reconsidered at any stage of proceeding. Generally, if a person is in jail at the arraignment the bond will be considered and may be adjusted.  Most of the time a reasonable bond will be set only after the defendant has been interviewed by pretrial and their information has been verified.  It is important for a defendant to cooperate with pretrial and give them information on job, family and residence as well as contact information for persons who may verify that the information is correct. The court can also allow a percentage bond, where you post some percent, typically 10%, of the total bond.  This may also be confusing and varies by county.  If you have questions about bond, ask your attorney or the county court clerk.  If you need representation for a criminal charge in Northern Kentucky, contact Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453 (581-MIKE).

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