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How Do I Prepare For Divorce Attorney Interview?

If you are seeking a divorce attorney in Northern Kentucky, do your homework before scheduling a meeting.  Some clients want to shop around or meet with a number of attorneys before choosing their attorney.  This may be OK if you are test driving cars, but it is not the best way to choose an attorney. Ask around.  If you are seeking an attorney, ask those who have been through it.  Don't simply ask, "Who was your attorney?"  First ask:

  • Was your attorney attentive?
  • Do you feel like you had a good outcome from your divorce?
  • Did your attorney ask about your goals and dreams?
  • Did your attorney do all he could to help you accomplish those goals and dreams?
  • Was the cost fair?
  • Would you use him again?  What about the attorney who represented your spouse?

If you do not have others to ask, look on their website.  Ask yourself:

  • Does this attorney handle everything, or do they have a concentration on divorce?
  • Does this attorney handle ONLY divorce?  Are you seeking an attorney with only divorce?
  • Can the attorney answer my questions?
  • Do I have any special concerns?  (custody, support, maintenance, hidden assets, small business)
  • Does the attorney have necessary experience to handle my case?

Realize that the interview/first meeting with an attorney the attorney is trying to sell himself.  Some attorneys will promise the world to the client to get them to sign.  Is that what you want?  Many of the better attorneys will give you a realistic insight into what to expect from the process as well as how the courts generally split assets, determine custody, parenting and support.  Ask yourself if you are simply answer shopping or if you are seeking an attorney who will give you straight answers. If you are seeking an attorney for divorce in Northern Kentucky, call Bouldin Law Firm and schedule to meet with attorney Michael Bouldin.  Email at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453.

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