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Do I Have to Appeal if Money is Seized?

You do not have to respond, however the government will keep your money if you do not file Petition/Appeal of the ruling.  If your money is seized by TSA or any other agency, you will (should) receive a letter from US Department of Justice in approximately 30 days outlining the amount seized as well as your rights to petition/appeal.  Following is a sample letter from DOJ (redacted): As stated in the letter, you have only 30 days to send letter of petition and timing is crucial. If you want to try to get your money back, you MUST FOLLOW THE PROCEDURE.  If the 30 days is insufficient and you need more time to hire an attorney or to gather evidence, you must still send in a letter of appeal, tell them that you need additional time to gather information/evidence and retain counsel. You are permitted to travel with over $10,000; that is not illegal.  If traveling out of the country, you must declare the amount of cash.  When they seize money, the government presumes that it was obtained illegally.  To get it back, you must prove only that it was legally acquired which is generally done by gathering document gathering.  Common documents are payment records, deposits and withdraws, sale of assets (house, boat, vehicles). If there were no drugs or other illegal contraband was found while you were traveling then the federal agency does not typically conduct further investigation.  If they had found drugs or contraband, you would likely be facing federal felony charges and the seizure would be included in an indictment.  If no charges were made, no charges or other inquiry will typically arise simply because you choose to forfeit your money. Contact me directly if you have further questions or to inquire about representation.  Call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected]

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