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There are many very good DUI lawyers and DUI attorneys in Northern Kentucky.  I have been practicing criminal and DUI law in Kentucky for over 20 years.  Kentucky does not certify specalty of practice but attorneys do generally spend more time in one area or another.  DUI attorneys generally handle cases with the intent of winning each case.  Of course, after thorough evaluation of evidence and information, there are times that a jury trial is not determined to be in the best interest of the client.  There are times when a plea deal may be reached to allow the defendant to avoid harsher penalties or to minimize the effect of a guilty verdict. Each case is treated individually and without preconceived ideas on the defense.  If  a stop was improper, a Motion to Suppress will likely be filed to try to have the totality of the stop and arrest suppressed from evidence.  If a suppression motion such as this is granted, the case will likely be dismissed for lack of evidence.  There are times that a breathalyzer malfunctions, a blood test is lost or a refusal becomes a major issue in the case.  In any event, you will need an attorney to protect your rights and fight for your liberty. Michael Bouldin has handled hundreds of DUI defense cases over the years.  Those case have predominantly been in Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties as well as Hamilton County, Ohio.  Other cases have been taken in Gallatin, Grant and Pendleton county, among others.  It is good for your attorney to know both the prosecutor as well as the judge who will preside over the individual case. Get to know Michael Bouldin: [embed][/embed] If you have questions or concerns about DUI or you have been arrested,  you need to contact an experienced defense attorney.  For consultation in Northern Kentucky, contact the Bouldin Law Firm at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453 for an appointment.  Call today, 581-MIKE.

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