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Divorcing Business Owners

I am often asked the following questions: Are special considerations for business owners?  How can I keep my business through a divorce?  How much of my business is my spouse entitled to receive in a divorce?    How can I pay half of the value to my wife and keep my business? All of these are good questions and generally require an attorney (or 2) with experience handling business matters, evaluating and valuing of businesses, considering alternate financial options for payout/buyout, and understanding of matters unique to business owners. Having practice both divorce law and business law for over 20 years, many questions and considerations can be answered without consulting a specialist or business evaluator for every question.  The use or of a qualified business evaluator may be essential in establishing a reasonable valuation for a business. Many family law attorneys have background in psychology, English, social services or other areas of arts and sciences and may be excellent in dealing with families going through divorce.  A good family lawyer can understand and empathize with litigants and help them through the process of dividing a family, child custody and parenting issues. While that is obviously an area that all family law attorneys handle, some others also have a business background and experience in the business world.  Understanding the financial goals, the difference between gross and net income and the necessity of cash flow, regardless of income, is essential to allow a business to continue to survive and thrive.  My goal is for a thriving business to be able to continue to maintain the lifestyle and continue to thrive, despite a pending divorce or dissolution. Prior to practicing divorce law, I held position in a consulting company and obtained a degree from Miami University in business economics.  I understand business and valuation.  I understand the time constraints, financial pressures and constant worry on business owners. If you are going through a divorce and have concerns about your business, call for a consultation.  Contact by calling 859-581-6453 or email [email protected].  Consultations are confidential and can be scheduled at mutual convenient times.

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