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How To Order Criminal Background Report In KY

-If you are applying for an expungement in Kentucky, you must first obtain a copy of your criminal background from the AOC (Administrative Office of the Courts).  If you hire an attorney to assist with your expungement, the attorney will generally perform this service as part of his work.  Follow this LINK to order a report.  a A regular criminal report costs $20, however if doing for purpose of expungement, it is required that the report be sent to KSP, Kentucky State Police, for review and approval of the expungement.  the total fee for the criminal background portion of the expungement process is $40.  The AOC will usually process the report within 2-3 business days, however KSP may take 30-60 days to process the report (I've found average is 45 days). A criminal defense attorney can assist in guiding you through the process, filing the correct forms, and assuring that ALL of the proper agencies get notified of the expungement.  It is not enough to simply have the court clerk expunge the record, it should also go to numerous other agencies, including police, detention centers, and prosecutors.  You may be eligible for a misdemeanor conviction or an acquittal for any felony or misdemeanor charges.  If you completed a diversion program, you should also follow up and have the charges expunged. For assistance in Northern Kentucky, contact the law office of Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected]  

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