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Stepparent Adoptions in KY

Generally a stepparent adoption is done with the consent of the biological parent (yes, generally father) and is considered as an uncontested adoption.  While this is certainly the easiest type of adoption, it is just as essential that everything be done correctly for the adoption to transpire, complete and become irreversible. It is important to utilize the services of an attorney who has experience handling adoptions in Northern Kentucky.  An attorney can assure that not only are all of the Ts get crossed and Is dotted, but also will know the nuances of the judge who will ultimately approve your adoption. While not explicitly stated, the majority of judges require (and all prefer) that the biological parent have legal representation when signing the Waiver and Consent to adoption.  They also prefer that practitioners utilize the AOC form 292 for this purpose instead of one created by the attorney.  This is a deviation from how the paperwork was prepared and completed only 5-10 years ago.  The attorney should certify that they reviewed the paperwork and that the biological parent understood what he was signing and that the rights of that parent would be terminated. It is important to note that the step-parent will obtain the rights and responsibilities of the biological parent after the adoption is concluded.  In the event of a later divorce a step-parent will have an obligation to pay child support and will have rights to custody and parenting time.  The stepparent will have the right to fight for sole or joint legal custody and there will be a legal history of stating under oath that he is a good father and provider and caregiver for the child. The costs may vary, but many attorneys will do an uncontested adoption for a fixed fee.  This fee ranges generally from $1000-5000 but generally does not include filing fees, which will be between $200-500.  A guardian ad litem, often referred to as GAL, is required to represent the best interest of the child and the adopting parent pays this fee. For a consultation or price estimate of your particular case, contact Michael Bouldin at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453.


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