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Do You Really Want Your Criminal Defense Attorney Unhappy?

In dealing with criminals one may expect that some of them are less than honest at times.  As a practicing criminal defense attorney in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati for over 20 years, I realize this is a possibility.  That said, it is beyond belief that a criminal defendant would want their attorney to be unhappy. If you do not pay your attorney, they will not be pleased. It is hard to work for someone who does not honor their financial obligations. Imagine going to work and your boss doesn't give you a check on Friday.

  • Do you go again on Monday, hoping that some day they will pay?
  • Do you continue the following week if another Friday comes and goes without pay?
  • How hard do you work when the employer has failed in his obligation to give you a paycheck?

If you are a criminal defendant, you should want your attorney to be fat and happy. Give them respect and they will return the favor.  Respect is honoring your obligations.  Payment of fees is the ultimate respect. If you have questions or are in need of representation, contact Bouldin Law Firm at 859-581-6453.

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