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Should I Use Do-It-Yourself Divorce Forms?

I get about one call each week relating to "do it yourself" divorce forms.  Unfortunately, Kentucky does not have FORMS that allow a person to do everything themselves.  The attorneys who practice domestic law have developed many of their own "forms" which they use as a template when creating documents.  Many clients have spent $400-700 on forms which do not allow them to finish the divorce.  Unfortunately, they often spend more money to have the attorney fix the mistakes and submit proper documentation. A normal divorce involves a number of filings: Petition for Dissolution, Entry of Appearance or Response, Dissolution Settlement Agreement - may be Property Settlement Agreement and/or Custody Agreement.  If the parties do not agree, the court will issue specific Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law. The court may also require a filing of Waiver of Final Hearing, Consent to Submit, Agreed Order for Dissolution. Many also require the attorney to follow local family court rules. For example, a Petition for Dissolution must be redacted before it is filed.  The attorney is required to keep a non-redacted version in his/her files. There are also a number of forms: Summons for Service, VS300, Financial Disclosure Affidavits, Finding of Facts/Conclusions of Law and Decree.  Some counties also have standard orders for holidays and/or visitation. This may all be confusing to a person without a law degree; and even confusing to those with a law degree that do not regularly practice in this area of law.  Each county has different mandates and rules that apply, so most attorneys limit their practice to certain geographical areas.  For example, in Northern Kentucky the Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties will have only 4 total family court judges. If you have questions regarding divorce or dissolution in Northern Kentucky, call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected]  

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