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Divorce Attorney On The Line

Northern Kentucky divorce attorney Michael Bouldin is now on the line.  A quote made famous by the movie, The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson where Vince Vaughn struggles with the internet phenomenon while the two try to get a coveted job at Google through their internship program.  On the line is the character's way of saying on-line or on the internet. This blog is written tongue-in-cheek because there are many lawyers that are old school and have not yet caught up with the internet, computers and digital media.  They would not know to advise clients against posting on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram when in the middle of contested custody and divorce cases. When considering an attorney to help you through a divorce, consider if they are compatible and you trust their advice.  You should also decide if you will be able to effectively communicate with each other. Many business professionals have very little time for actual telephone conversations and communicate primarily through email.  Others may communicate through text messaging or via social media. It is strongly urged to NOT submit any confidential communication through social media with your attorney.  Anything on the web (on the line) is potentially out in the open for the world to find.  FaceBook instant messaging chats can be discovered through the subpoena power.  The courts have held that email communication between attorney and client is protected. If you have questions about representation for a divorce in Northern Kentucky, contact attorney Michael Bouldin at the Bouldin Law Firm via email at [email protected]  For faster response, email at [email protected] or call 859-581-6453.

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