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What is Dissolution?

Dissolution is a nice word for divorce. In Kentucky, they mean the same thing and there is no distinction between divorce and dissolution.  Kentucky statutes deleted the word of divorce from all proceedings and did away with fault based divorces.   Some jurisdictions, like Ohio, have a different definition for dissolution and divorce. Divorce is the separation of parties when they dispute certain areas or all areas of separation.  A divorce is an "at fault" proceeding in which one party must prove legal grounds for divorce.  In a dissolution, prior to filing the parties agree on all areas necessary for separation. If you are involved with a dissolution, you should be advised that adverse action may be taken against you once you are served; especially if you do not file a responsive pleading.  You can be made to pay child support, spousal support and the court will divide your assets and debts.  The court can also make custodial decisions regarding legal custody, parenting time and visitation.  If you do not take action, the court will generally rule in favor of the party that is present and presenting evidence/testimony. If you have been served with papers, you should hire an attorney to review and file a response on your behalf.  The attorney can help to negotiate a resolution or proceed to trial of the matter.  Speak at length with your lawyer about what to expect and when to settle certain matters.  For help in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, call Michael Bouldin at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected] 

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