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Out of State DUI in Kentucky

If you are a licensed driver from another state and received a DUI in Kentucky, there may be even more benefits from retaining a local attorney who regularly handles DUI cases.  Being licensed in both Ohio and Kentucky is a huge advantage as there are often Ohio drivers who are cited or arrested for DUI in Kentucky as well as Kentucky drivers who are cited or arrested for OVI in Ohio.  Both can create confusing, misleading and contradictory problems with a drivers' license. For example, if you are an Ohio licensed driver and are found or plead guilty in Kentucky, the Kentucky court will suspend your license from 30-120 days.  Ohio will see the DUI conviction and send a letter that  you are suspended for 180 days.  It is very good to know that Ohio will shorten your sentence to that which is imposed by Kentucky with a certified letter from the Ky Court.  Furthermore, your Ohio license is not suspended until you are sent the letter and is back-dated to the time Kentucky suspended your privileges.  *Note: if Kentucky suspends your license, your privileges to operate in Kentucky are immediately suspended. If you are a Kentucky licensed driver, Ohio may still physically take your license.  Ohio can suspend your right to operate in Ohio, however Kentucky does not honor that suspension until there is an actual court suspension.   As you may suspect, each state differs on how the courts and the DMV/BMV  handle out of state DUI and suspensions. The reinstatement fees also vary greatly, $20 in Kentucky and $475 in Ohio.  There is mandatory jail time associated with even a first offense OVI in Ohio, while Kentucky does not mandate jail time on a first offense DUI unless there is an aggravating circumstance. If you have been charged in Cincinnati or N.Ky., with DUI, contact Michael Bouldin for a consultation.  Call at 859-581-6453 or email at [email protected].

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